Proud Moments for R.E.D

Ritik won Gold in Kabaddi on National Level (20-12-17)

‘Greatness of Great people is visible from their Childhood’.

To match the above proverb the students of R.E.D. School, Charkhi of class sixth Ritik won gold medal in Kabaddi on National Level. It is already known that Ritik has returned as winner after taking participation in Kabaddi team for All India Games Development Federation Cup 2017.The competition was held on 16 and 17 December in Bikaner. The school has proud on him. Honorable Director Mr. Jitender Singh Ahlawat and Principal Mr. Anupam Goyal congratulated Ritik, his parents, sports PTI for this big achievement and him inspired for good performance.

Won Gold in Kabaddi at National Level

Tearing and Pasting Competition (12-12-17)

In R.E.D. School, Charkhi, there was Tearing and Pasting competition in Pre-Primary Classes. Main motive of this competition was developed the creative skill of students. Competition was completed in the leadership of Mrs. Neelam Jangra. In this, Vabhav, Krishav, Hirel, Viren, Yash, Yogita, Aaruhi and Arisha showed their best.

In this competition Yash, Krishav, Bhumi got 1st, IInd and IIIrd position resp. Students made beautiful and attractive pictures and show their skill.Respected Principal Sir Mr. Anupam Goyal appreciated the creativity skill of students and motivate them to took participate in these type of activities.


Inter-House Hindi Quiz Competition (12-12-17)

R.E.D. School, Charkhi organized an Inter House Quiz for Senior students. The objective of this competition was to create excitement among the students and also make them aware of current affairs. There were four participants from each house. Piyush, Alpika, Tanish and Neha from Aryabhatta house, Khusboo, Reema, Swati and Himanshu from Panini House; Sahil, Priyanshu, Ashish and Yuvraj from Kautilya House; Uma, Aman, Annie and Nishant from Charak house participated in this competition. They enthusiastically took part in five rounds and the best house won the competition.

The results were announced which brought joy to the participants. Panini House stood 1st (125 points), second position went to Aryabhatta house (115 points), third position was bagged by Charak House and fourth position went to Kautilya house. Mr. Mukesh and Ms. Seema were the comperer of the quiz whereas Ms. Aruna judged the rounds. Principal, Mr. Anupam Goyal and Adm. Incharge, Mr. Rakesh addressed the students and gave their heartiest congratulations.


Ashish, student of R.E.D. made everyone proud by winning Silver Medal at National Level(05-12-17)

A student of R.E.D. School, Charkhi, Ashish won silver medal in Shot-put in recently held National Level CBSE Cluster. He threw the ball at 15.89 metres. This competition was held in Alon Public School, Chhatisgarh. This achievement of Ashish created a festival like environment in school. School Director Mr. Jitender Singh Ahlawat congratulated the Principal, parents, teachers and sports staff – Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Ms. Sunila, and Mr. Pradeep Rathi. He encouraged all the students to show such performances in future.

Principal Anupam Goyal told that Ashish is not only a well deserving player but also a skilled sports person. Ashish broke all records and bagged gold medal at State Level competition of Shot put. He has performed exceptionally well at district level as well as in open sports competitions. The Principal appreciated and encouraged him to make India proud at International Level in future. Sports teacher, Mr. Sanjay said that he will keep on bringing laurels for district, state and nation in future.

Won Silver Medal in Shot-put at National level

Anti-Corruption Day (08-12-17)

International Anti-Corruption Day was observed at R.E.D. School, Charkhi on 9th December, 2017. The foremost concern was to aware the children about the seriousness of problems and threats posed by corruption to our stability and security of society. Social Science department took the charge of this activity where Garima, a student discussed the importance to prevent and combat corruption. Mr. Joginder also came forward and focused on how corruption hinders efforts to achieve our goals.

Mr. Mukesh Tanwar, Activity Incharge raised awareness among students and Mr. Anupam Goyal empowered students to fight against it and motivated them to be aware about it.


Cycle-Race Competition(06-12-17)

In R.E.D. School, Charkhi, organise cycle race competition for students of Pre-Primary classes. Main motive of this competition was do to physical growth of students. This competition was organised in guidance of Mrs. Neelam Jangra and Mrs. Sarita Sangwan for class Nursery and K.G. students took participate in this competition happily. From class Nursery Svastik 1st  Bhumit 2nd, Viraj 3rd position got. From class K.G. Harsh, Lakshay, Rajat got 1st, 2nd and 3rd position resp. Activity Incharge Mr. Mukesh Tanwar encouraged all students.

Respected Principal sir Mr. Anupam Goyal appreciated all students and motivated them in take participate in games. He told that these memory of our childhood give us life power.


Paper-Cutting Competition(27-11-17)

Today ‘Paper Cutting Competiton’ was held in R.E.D. School, Charkhi. Class Nur to 2nd students took participate in competition. Main motive of this competition was to enrich the creative skill of the students. In this, from class Nursery Savastik, Arisha, Aarohi came first, second and third position respec. From class KG-Mars Sakshi and Prikshit first, Rishiraj and Kunal second and Hitesh and Navya took third position. From class KG-Venus Arpita, Aarav, Ranvijay first, Navya, Vanshika and Daksh second, Vanshika Maan, Sangum and Purav took third position. From class First-Venus Aarav and Aakash first, Tanuj, Nishant and Anshu Dalal second and Kanishka, Sarthak and Arpita took third position. From class First-Mars Tanya first, Anshumaan, Priyal and Yashita second and Ansh and Nikhil took third position. Same as, Class second-Mars Garima first, Sezel and Ayush second, Jatin, Ansh and Sayna took third position. From class second-Venus Krit and Shourya first, Mansvi and Yash second, Sumit and Dakshta took third position. Activity Incharge Mr. Mukesh Tanwar thanked to all class teacher to make this event successful.

Principal Mr. Anupam Goyal congratulated to all kids for this creative activity and encourage to all move forward in future.


Volleyball Competition(22-11-17)

In R.E.D. School. Charkhi Volleyball competition was held. It was for senior sections for boys. Students of all the houses have participated in this competition. From Aryabhatta house students were Amul, Tarun, Sahil, Ankit, Tushant, Sarthak, Pravesh, Sahil, Gourav, Abhishek and Gourav. Students of Charak house were Banit, Rahul, Rasvinder, Mohit, Harsh, Parvinder, Rocky, Arjun, Kunal, Arun and Mohit. Kautilya house students were Sunny, Sanjeet, Aman, Rohit, Praveen, Harsh, Sanjay, Devender, Narender, Monu, Shaktiman and Rohit and performed very well. Students of Panini house were Randeep, Mohit, Rustam, Vikrant, Vikash, Harsh, Rahul, Abhishek, Aman, Mohit Swami and Garav. First league match was between Charak house and Kautilya house in which players of Kautilya house were winners. Second match was between Panini house and Aryabhatta house, in which Aryabhatta house defeated Panini House. In this competition Aryabhatta house got first position, Kautilya house got second position, Panini got third position and Charak house got fourth position. At last Principal Mr. Anupam Goyal appreciated the effort of all the students and appreciated their efforts.


 Quiz Competition(16-11-17)

Keeping the spirit alive, R.E.D. School, Charkhi organised an Inter House Computer Quiz for class IX and X in which four different houses with three fervent participants in each house gave tough battle to each other. Shardha, Advika and Akanksha from Aryabhatta house, Shruti, Aditya and Dixit from Panini house. Navdeep, Deepak and Mukul from Kautilya house and Ankur, Deepak, Poonam from Charak house. The quiz was conducted in four interesting rounds wherein students competed to enhance their knowledge. There was a cut-throat battle between Kautilya and Charak house. The quiz was won by Kautilya house and stood 1st, while the runnerup trophy was bagged by Charak house. Aryabhatta and Panini house stood third and fourth. Ms. Vaishali and Mr. Vinit were the judges of the event. Mr. Anupam Goyal congratulated the participants and encouraged to have positive competitive spirit.


Kho-Kho Competition(16-11-17)

Interhouse Kho-Kho competition (senior category) was held at R.E.D. School, Charkhi. The main objective of this competition was to inculcate team spirit, sport’s skills and discipline in students. From Aryanabhatta house Sanjana, Sharmila, Ankitam Dipanshi, Anjali Verma, Aditi and Cheshtha; from Charak house Anne, Anjali, Sonia, Sheetal, Suhani, Sarita, Vaishali, Lakshita, Seema, Neha, Riya, Ekta and Saraswati; from Panini house Annu, Vandana, Payal, Umnang, Kareena, Swati, Antim, Renu while Orvashi, Dipika, Preeti, Priya, Nitika, Suman and Saraswati were the participants from Kautilya house. First match was between Charak and Panini house in which Charak came out as winner. Second match was between Aryabhatta and Kautilya in which the former won and entered the finals. In final match, Charak and Aryabhatta house had a neck to neck competition and finally Charak emerged as the winner. Panini got the third position. Principal Anupam Goyal congratulated the participants and wished for their bright future. He appreciated Activity Incharge Mr. Rakesh Kumar and Mr. Mukesh Tanwar for organising the competition and showed his gratitude to sports staff – Ms. Ms. Sunila, Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Mr. Pradeep Rathi.


Children Day Celebration (14-11-17)

Children Day Celebrated in R.E.D. School, Charkhi with pomp. On this Occassion, stage was conducted by Sakshi and Vandana. Thought was given by Divyanshi. News , Poem and Clauses were represented by Aman, Arvind and Sheetal respectively. Amazing facts and quiz were presented by Kanika and Umang respectively. From 4th Class, Arjit sang a song and from 7th class, Puneet presented a poem. From 9th Class, Swati and Sapna presented a song ‘Sapno ka wo Angan Kaha’ on which students well clapped. Music teacher Mr. Bhagwan Dass presented a famous gajal ‘Ye Daulat Bhi Le Lo, Ye Shoharat Bhi Le Lo’ and mesmerized all. Neha, from 10th class presented a song ‘Sari Umar Hum Mar Mar Ke Ji Liye, Ek Pal to Ab Hame Jeene Do’ and all appreciated her.

On this occassion, students of 4th and 5th class represented a group dance in which Nidhi, Varsha, Avni, Angel, Anushka, Varsha, Mansi, Vanshika and Sneha took participate. All students enjoyed it very much and clapped with happiness. Students of class 6th, 7th entertained all by group dance in which Rahul, Ankush, Yash, Mayank, Ankush, Rahul, Varun, Kunal and Harsh took participate. In the end, honourable Principal Sir Mr. Anupam Goyal congratulated the students for children day and told the importance of childhood with elaboration by different seen.

Children Day Celebration

Kabaddi Celebration(7-11-17)

In R.E.D. School, Charkhi Inter House Kabaddi competition was organised. This competition was for senior level and all the four House Aryabhatta, Charak, Kautilya and Panini took part. In first match Aryabhatta house team defeated Charak house team 15/21. In second match Panini House team defeated Kautilya house team. Final match was between Panini and Aryabhatta, House in which Aryabhatta house team defeated Panini house 25/23, Kautilya House team got the third position.

Principal Mr. Anupam Goyal congratulated the winners and appreciated their effort. He thanked Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Mrs. Sunila and Mr. Pardeep Rathi for their hard work. On this occasion Academic Incharge Ms. Varsha Dalal, Adam. Incharge Mr. Rakesh Kumar and Activity Incharge Mr. Mukesh Tanwar were also presented.


Haryana Day Celebration(1-11-17)

Haryana Day celebrated in R.E.D. School with pomp. Many interesting information related to Haryana given by mode of poem, Lyrics, slogan and essay in assembly. In assembly, stage was conducted by Anu. Thought was given by Tamanna. Uma, Lavisha, Kishu and Alpika, Anuj presented news, clauses, poem and quiz related to Haryana. A group song ‘Bata mere yaar Sudama Re’ presented by students of school in which Astha, Neha, Simran, Ruchi, Swati took participate. A group dance ‘Main Ghum-Ghum Dekhu’ presented by Simran, Vidhi, Vani, Umang, Anchal, Lakshika, Saraswati, Divyanshi and Satvik. The difference between old and modern Haryana was cleared by Physical Education sir Mr. Sanjay Sharma by sing ragini ‘Phele wali hawa rahi na phele wala pani’. Students took interest in Haryanvi jokes presented by Hindi teacher Mr. Mukesh Tanwar and students enjoyed it very much. Administrative Incharge Mr. Rakesh Kumar motivated students by poem. Haryanvi geet presented by music teacher Mr. Bhagwan Das. On this occasion a exhibition was organised by the students of class 6th to 8th in which they show old and modern Haryana very closely. All students took a survey of it and know about Haryana culture. In the end, Principal Sir Mr. Anupam Goyal told about Haryanvi culture in elaboration and give full information about constitution of Haryana.


Tiny Touts Showed Talent at R.E.D. School, Charkhi(26-10-17)

In R.E.D. School, Charkhi, race competition was organized in pre-primary classes, In which students participated in different types of races. It included different races like rolling the ball, fruit collective race, zig zag race and butterfly races.

In race competition nursery and KG class students took participate. All students were very much excited before race and willing to run. In rolling the ball Rajat, Aprit and Dhruv got first, IInd and third position respectively in KG Class. In fruit collective race Kanishka, Yogita and Krishav got first, second and third position resp. in nursery class. In zig-zag race, Viraj, Viren and Harsh got 1st, IInd and IIIrd position respe. from nusery class. In butterfly race Lakshay, Aarav, Ansh, got first, IInd, IIIrd position resp. from KG class.

In the end, Respected Principal Sir Mr. Anupam Goyal cheered the students and motivated them to take participate in these types of competition in future.


World Development & Information Day Celebration(24-10-17)

24 October was celebrated as World Development Information Day. The main objective of the celebration was to draw the attention of world to development problems and the need to strengthen international cooperation to solve them. Students of class X named Anjali Verma compered of the assembly where Akansha presented an Article and Akshita informed about the importance of this day. Vasundhara shared some amazing facts, Dixit Goyal conducted a quiz and Mukul Lakra also highlighted the importance of international cooperation.

At last, Mr. Anupam Goyal specificed the aims of this day and motivated young generation to bring some change which may help them in future and also congratulated Ms. Vaishali for her efforts behind this celebration.


Global Hand Washing Day(13-10-17)

R.E.D. School, Charkhi celebrated ‘Global Hand Washing Day’. Riya, Jatin, Krish, Ritik, Gaurav and Pranjal Described purpose to celebrate this day, benefits of washing hands, damages of not washing hands, reasons of development of diseases in details. Riya and Pranjal presented demo by following the thirteen drafts of washing hands issuated by the world health organization.

Activity Incharge Mr. Mukesh Tanwar added the significance of washing hands, precautions and instructed to keep the body healthy to he students. He told that healthy mind resides in healthy body. Therefore we must always wash our hands timely before and after of taking any eatables.


Cycle-Race Competition(06-12-17)

In R.E.D. School, Charkhi, organise cycle race competition for students of Pre-Primary classes. Main motive of this competition was do to physical growth of students. This competition was organised in guidance of Mrs. Neelam Jangra and Mrs. Sarita Sangwan for class Nursery and K.G. students took participate in this competition happily. From class Nursery Svastik 1st  Bhumit 2nd, Viraj 3rd position got. From class K.G. Harsh, Lakshay, Rajat got 1st, 2nd and 3rd position resp. Activity Incharge Mr. Mukesh Tanwar encouraged all students.

Respected Principal sir Mr. Anupam Goyal appreciated all students and motivated them in take participate in games. He told that these memory of our childhood give us life power.

Fancy-Dress Competition(09-10-17)

A fancy dress competition was organised in R.E.D.Charkhi School in which students from classes nur. to second participated. A lot of students participated in competition. The main characters chosen by participants were animals, plants, trees, communication and various professions. The judges were Ms. Sunita Dhamija and Sarita Sangwan. The competition was very attractive .Every participant participated with enthusiasm. The activity was organised under the supervision of activity incharge Mr. Rakesh Kumar, academic incharge Ms. Varsha Dalal and Ms. Sonia Pahal. The participants from nur.  class Krish and Swastik got first position, Ruchita got second position and Harsh, Aarohi got third position. The participants from K.G. class Navya, Priyanshi got first position,  Harsh and Lakshita got second position and Aarav and Ayush got third position. The participants from first class Aanchal , Marvin and Sarthak got first position,  Harun and Bhautaki got second position and Kanishk and Vidita  got third position. Participants from second class Himani and Pradanya got first position,  Krit and Srishti got second position and Nitika, Nikunj, Jatin and Garima got third position.  Principal Mr Anupam Goyal motivated the kids.


Rangoli Competition(14-10-17)

Five days festival Diwali was celebrated with great joy in R.E.D. School, Charkhi today. Morning assembly activities presented the specific importance and objective of celebrating five days occasions. Umang presented an article to express her thoughts on the ‘Dhanteras’ occasion and Vandana presented her thoughts on the occasion ‘Chhoti Diwali’ (Narak chaturdashi). Hindi Teacher Ms. Jagwanti described about ‘Govardhan Parv’ to the students and Sakshi told the significance of ‘Bhaidooj Parv’. Hindi Teacher Mr. Vikas Tomar explained interesting facts related to Diwali festival as well as told about its cultural, social and religious significance. Students of class 7-V presented a skit to make the students aware about the bad effects of bursting crackers on Diwali.

On this occasion, interhouse Rangoli competition was also organised. Nitu, Anjali, Himanshu and Dipanshi from Aryabhatta house, Arvind, Dipanshi, Sheetal and Vaishali from Charak house, Supriya, Saraswati, Nitika and Sheetal from Kautilya house, Megha, Nidhi, Vani and Aditi from Panini house participated in this competition. Each house participant created a unique design in their Rangolis. In the end, the juri members announced Kautilya House first, Charak house second, Aryabhatta and Panini house as third and fourth position.  Honorable Principal sir Mr. Anupam Goyal congratulated all the students, their families and the whole staff on this religious occasion of Diwali.


Half Marathon Competition


Dusshera Celebration(29-9-17)

Many cultural activities and Jayantis were celebrated with great enthusiasm. They included Gandhi Jayanti, Muharram, Bhagat Singh Jayanti, Lal Bahadur Shashtri Jayanti and Vijaydashmi. Poonam handled the stage. Anjali threw light on Mahatma Gandhi’s life. Divyanshi sang a song on his life. Hindi teacher, Mr. Mukesh Tanwar presented his thoughts on sacrifices and glory of Mahatma Gandhi. Bhawna shared her views on Muharram. Hindi teacher, Mr. Vikas Tomar explained the importance of Vijaydashmi. Students of 7th Venus enacted a play on modern Ramayan which gave moral values to the audience. It was appreciated by all. At the end, Principal Mr. Anupam Goyal wished everyone. He appreciated the efforts put by Maths teacher, Mr. Amit Dahiya who prepared the short play enacted by students. He also told the students about the importance of Vijaydashmi and advised them to stay away from firecrackers as they create pollution. He further added that we all should shun the negativities and embrace positivities.

Dusshera Celebration

Salad Decoration (21-9-17)

Salad Decoration Competition was organised for students of classes Nursery to 2nd. The students participated with great enthusiasm. The students were excited for this competition. The students decorated fruits by shaping animals and trees. Some students also gave the shape of flag to the salad. The main aim of this competition was to make children aware about salad. In this competition Viren, Swastik, Anushuman, Shaurya, Dikshita, Srishti, Mayank, Navya, Bhavishya, Ruchit, Milan got first place. Kanishka, Neha, Marvin, Rachita, Nitika, Kavya, Kanak, Latika, Abhijeet, Himanshu, Lakshay, Swastik and Aarti got second place. Anachal, Nishant, Daksh, Sarthak, Pradanya, Pragti, Aayush, Garima, Sejal, Rajat, Lakshita, Sakshi, Aarav, Manav, Mayank got third place. The Principal Mr. Anupam Goyal and Administration Incharge Mr. Rakesh Kumar reviewed the decoration done by all the students and appreciated their work. Mrs. Anita Siwach and Mrs. Sonia Pahal played the key role in this competition. The Principal praised all section incharges – Mrs. Neelam Jangra, Sarita Sangwan, Pooja Sangwan, Anita Yadav, Sarita Kalher and Sunita Dhamija.


Hindi Handwriting Competition(26-9-17)

R.E.D.Charkhi School organised handwriting competition on 26 September. Students from classes 3 to 5 participated in it. The main purpose of the activity was to make aware the students about the rules of letter formation, spellings, format of letter, good handwriting and presentation of sentences. Every student wrote in neat and attractive handwriting. Students from class 3rd Khushi and Vanshika got first position, Hitesh got second position and Anshika got third position. Students from class 4th Mansi got first position, Menshika got second position and Nandini and Nikhil got 3rd position. Students from class 5th Angel and Kanav got first position,  Divya and Mehak got second position and Anu and Vinit got third position.

The Principal Mr Anupam Goyal appreciated the handwriting of students and told them the importance of good handwriting. He told that handwriting reflects our character. He motivated the kids to write neat and without mistakes handwriting.


Rally for Rivers

Rally for Rivers

District Level Hindi Group Song Competition




Fancy Dress Competition


Investiture Ceremony




Population Day


Rakhi Making Competition

Rakhi Making

Celebration of Yoga Day

Celebrating Yoga Day

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Inter School  Creative Writing & Poem Recitation


District Level Writing Competition

Payal -1st in Distt Level Writing Comp 12-4-17

Malaria Day 


Press freedom & Meditation Day


World Asthma Day


World Earth Day


World Health Day 


World Heritage Day


Hindi Poem  Recitation(3rd-5th)


Hindi Story Telling .Competition


Inter House Chess Competition(3rd-5th)


Inter House Board Decoration  Competition


Colour the splesh


Tearing and pasting competition


Parents Teacher Meeting


Foundation Day Celebration

Foundation Day Celebration

Opening Day

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Trip to Ranila Temple


Summer Camp